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Pharma Marketing Talk on BlogTalkRadio and Pharma Talk on SoundCloud are hosted by John Pharmaguy Mack, publisher of Pharma Marketing Blog, Pharma Marketing News and Pharma Industry News Update (PinUp). Subscribe Now!

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The Coming Digital Transformation of Pharma Marketing
Many pharmaceutical companies are operating well-established business processes that are not optimized for the digital era. This is leading to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. Arno Sosna, General Manager of Commercial Products at Veeva , describes efforts that are underway to overcome these inefficiencies and improve communications with physicians.

Click Here for more on digital disruption in pharma.
Limiting Pharma Sales Rep Access to Physicians
Pharmaceutical sales representatives are faced with increasingly limited access to physicians as many academic medical centers and other healthcare centers adopt conflict of interest policies restricting detailing. This is another benefit versus risk challenge for physicians who need quick access to the latest information about novel drugs.

For more on this topic, read:
May 5, 2017, issue of Pharma Industry News Update
"Innovative" Big Pharma Versus "Price Gouging" Small Pharma
The drug industry is reeling from criticism about drug prices coming from all sides and especially from the president of the United States. First it tried public relations and CEO speaking tours. When that didn't work it took more drastic action.

For more on this topic, read:
May 12, 2017, issue of Pharma Industry News Update
A Drug By Any Other Name
In this 5-minute audio snippet, Pharmaguy discusses the naming of drugs, which has been described both as a science and an art. Whichever, some say drug names are absurd. Drug names have been laughed at on Saturday Night Live and even cited as a reason why patients do not fill their prescriptions. And it all may be due to the overuse of 2 letters in the alphabet!

For more on this topic, read:
March 31, 2017, issue of Pharma Industry News Update

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